Georgia Bonesteel
Flat Rock, Henderson County

For more than 30 years Georgia Bonesteel has been a leader in the quilt world. As the creator and host of Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel, produced with North Carolina Public Television (UNCTV), she has shared her enthusiasm and love of quilting on television since 1979. Lap Quilting with Georgia Bonesteel continues to air on PBS stations throughout the country.

In 2005 Georgia partnered with her son, filmmaker Paul Bonesteel, to produce the documentary The Great American Quilt Revival. The film features many of today's well known quilters, historians and collectors discussing their art and their role in the revolution of modern quilting. From early quilting innovator Marie Webster, to the work and influence of the Amish and African-American traditions, to the overwhelming response of quilts mourning the recent wars and 9/11 tragedies, The Great American Quilt Revival captures the story of this landmark movement.

A longtime seamstress, Georgia attended Iowa State University and graduated from Northwestern University. A Home Economics and Merchandizing degree enabled her to get a job in the Fashion Department of Marshall Field & Co. after college. Marriage and three children took the Bonesteels to New Orleans where she renewed to her love of sewing. She was a guest on a television series, Sewing Is Fun, sponsored by Sears and Roebuck & Co. where she learned valuable television skills.

This experience started a small business called Cajun Quilters, where she made one-of-a-kind quilted patchwork evening bags from necktie scraps and sold them in the French Quarter. She never forgot the very first bag ever sold. It came back the next day with pins inside. "So, I had to finish it on the spot", she said. One time while stitching on a bag on an airplane the gentleman sitting next to her had the same material in a tie he was wearing.

After moving to North Carolina in 1972 she became interested in full size quilts and began teaching at Blue Ridge Community College in Hendersonville. Soon after that her Mother suggested she share her teaching skills on television. The rest is history

Inducted into the Quiters Hall of Fame in 2003. Author of many quiting related books. Online gallery and quilt store at:

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